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Changes to spectator accommodation

SGSA licensed grounds must inform the SGSA of any changes to spectator accommodation.

The SGSA has powers under the Football Spectators Act 1989 to issue licences to admit spectators to sports grounds which are used for designated football matches in England and Wales.

The 1989 Act makes it an offence for a club/stadium operator to admit spectators for such matches without a SGSA licence.

Clubs/stadium operators are required to inform the SGSA of any proposed changes to spectator accommodation at grounds where designated football matches are played, and which are covered by the SGSA licensing system.

This note includes specific guidance on proposed changes to spectator viewing accommodation at clubs with SGSA licensed grounds subject to the all-seater policy (Sections 2 and 3) and other SGSA licensed grounds (Section 4).

Section 5 details the process clubs/stadium operators should follow when planning any infrastructure changes at SGSA licensed grounds, not only spectator viewing accommodation but also other changes, for example, concourses, hospitality areas, and turnstiles.

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