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Guide to safety at sports grounds

Best practice for the design and planning, and the safety management and operation of sports grounds.

Safety at sports grounds is achieved by establishing a balance between good management and good design.

The Green Guide is used around the world as a best practice guide for the development and refurbishment of stadiums.

Purchase the Green Guide

The Green Guide is available to purchase in two formats – printed edition sent directly through the post and a digital edition available for immediate download. You can also purchase a bundle of both the printed and digital editions.

[Printed editions available in the UK only]

Purchasing FAQs

We have discounts available for purchasing multiple hard copies:

  • 15-49 – 10% discount
  • 50-99 – 15% discount
  • 100+ – 20% discount

To make a bulk order, please contact

Yes, you can purchase our guidance from around the world.

However, we no longer send printed copies of our guidance internationally, due to problems with postage. You can still access the digital versions.

Supplementary guidance

The Green Guide is supported by Supplementary Guidance, which provides further detail on key point.

Learn more

SG03: Event Safety Management

Learn more

SG01: Safe standing in seated areas

History of the Green Guide

The Green Guide started off life as a thin A4 pamphlet providing simple advice and guidance for football clubs. Now in its sixth edition, it has become the world-leading definitive guidance on safety at sports.

1973: First edition published. This followed a recommendation from Lord Wheatley’s report of the Ibrox Disaster in 1971.

1986: Second edition published. This expanded edition included the results of the Justice Popplewell report following the Bradford Stadium fire in 1985.

1990: Third edition published. This edition following a re-examination of the guidance following the Hillsborough Disaster in 1989.

1997: Fourth edition published. This was added new guidance on providing access and hosting disabled spectators.

2008: Fifth edition published. This provided additional information on risk management, counter terrorism and guidance on training and qualifications of stewards.

2018. Sixth edition published. The latest version introduced the concept of Zone Ex, the areas outside the stadium where spectators arrive and depart, as well as changes and updates on the advances in technology.

The next edition is due to be published in 2028/29.

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