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Guide to Safety at Sports Grounds ‘Green Guide’ – Available Now

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National Occupational Standards Review

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Guide to Safety at Sports Grounds

Government review of evidence relating to the all-seater policy

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Which parts of a ground should be covered by a Safety Certificate?

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Equality And Human Rights Commission Report on Premier League Accessibility

Terrorism, Technology and Thinking – Key messages for Venue Safety

Helping India deliver a successful U-17 World Cup

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SAG Terms of Reference Checklist

Which Events At A Sports Ground Should Be Covered By The Provisions Of A Safety Certificate?

What is a regulated stand?

Football League Ground Capacity and Seating Requirements (Conference Clubs)

License To Admit Spectators (Conference Clubs)

Installing dual purpose seating and standing areas

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Guide to Safety at Sports Grounds During Construction

Concession Facilities at Sports Grounds

Guide to Electrical and Mechanical Services at Sports Grounds

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Standing in Seated Areas

CCTV Code of Practice

Model Safety Certificate

Temporary Demountable Structures

Preparing Counter Terrorism Measures

Accessible Stadia

Alternative uses of Sports Grounds

Safety Advisory Group – Terms of Reference Checklist

Safety Management

A Wider Definition of Safety – Local Authority Checklist

Preventing Crowd Disorder and Anti-Social Behaviour

National Occupational Standards for Steward Training


Safety Certificate Checklist

Responses to the consultation on a Wider Definition of Safety

On the Sidelines

Counter terrorism advice for sports grounds


Wider Understanding of Safety Impact on Safety Certificates

Local Authority Checklist

Is an Operations Manual held by a public body (such as SGSA or local authority) covered by the Freedom of Information Act?

Electronic gates

Operations Manual

What is the purpose of the SGSA licence?

Stewarding and SIA licence

Safety Certification (Conference Clubs)

How Do I Apply For A Ground To Be Designated Or De-Designated?

Prescribed Standard Of Terracing (Conference Clubs)

Capacity Calculations (Conference Clubs)

P and S Factors

Planning for moving people in an emergency terrorist threat situation

Planning for increased threat levels

Planning for Dynamic Lockdown

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Reducing slip hazards on concourses

Counter-terrorism in sports grounds

Statement of Intent?

Support for Local Authorities – Policies and Procedures

Dynamic Performance and Testing of Grandstands

Can I hire Stewards whilst they are still training?

What are the alternatives to level 2 NVQ in spectator safety?

Cladding safety checks

Safety for all at sports grounds

Control Rooms

Advice on Drones

What does Zone Ex mean?

Calculating Safe Capacity at a Sports Ground

When should the first annual inspection and structural appraisal be undertaken at a new, or recently completed, stadium?

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Guide to Safety at Sports Grounds ‘Green Guide’ – Available Now

Sixth edition of the Guide to Safety at Sports Grounds 'Green Guide' is now available to purchase.

Featured Insight

Helping India deliver a successful U-17 World Cup

In 2017, the eyes of the footballing world focused on India as it hosted the FIFA Under-17 World Cup across six venues and cities. The SGSA contributed to this partnership and played a significant role in the success of the tournament.

Featured News

Government review of evidence relating to the all-seater policy

Government has recently announced that it will commission an external analysis of evidence relating to the all-seater policy. Its aim is that initial analysis work will be completed by the end of 2018.

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“Fan safety at sports grounds is paramount. The world looks to us as an example of how to manage risks and improve safety records and this guide will continue to contribute to that legacy.”

Rt Hon Jeremy Wright MP, the Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport in relation to the Green Guide