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Academic Forum

Our academic forum brings together those within an interest in safety to discuss issues of common concern.

The SGSA has established an Academic Forum to support our commitment to developing research to inform our decision-making.

The Forum brings together academics and partners with an interest in safety at sports grounds to discuss issues of common concern. 

Meetings are held around twice each year with a specific issue covered at each session. 

Panel membership

Panel membership is open to any academic or researcher working on such issues. For further details, please contact us.

In addition to the group, the SGSA engages with individual panel members as appropriate if issues arise which would benefit from their specific knowledge and interest.

Terms of reference


These terms of reference set out the membership, remit, responsibilities and reporting arrangements of the Academic Forum.


The forum’s purpose is to provide a route of engagement and dialogue between the Sports Grounds Safety Authority, as the statutory regulator of safety at football grounds in England and Wales, and active researchers in academia to discuss areas of common interest and concern.


To raise the profile of sports grounds safety across the United Kingdom and the link between evidence-based research and future policy decisions.

To enable both SGSA and the academic research community to share common areas of interest and concern to support the further development of the sports grounds safety-related evidence base.

To provide a means by which academic researchers can share and learn on sports grounds safety-related research from their peers.

For SGSA to share current and future issues that might benefit from research, strengthening the business case for future research funding.

Membership and Quoracy

Membership is voluntary and there is no minimum quorum required for each meeting.

Membership is open to any active academic researcher in sports grounds safety or related research fields.

Specific topics will be tabled before each meeting allowing individual researchers to judge whether their interests and expertise are relevant to that meeting.


Meetings will usually be held at SGSA offices in central London and reasonable travel expenses will be reimbursed upon presentation of valid receipts in accordance with SGSA’s travel and subsistence policy. Where possible, meetings will be arranged to enable cost-effective travel.

Additional attendees and guest speakers may be invited by SGSA depending upon the topic being discussed.

Frequency of Meetings

Meetings will usually be held twice a year, typically in April and September. Ad hoc meetings may be proposed at other times should the need arise. All meetings will be chaired by a senior representative of the SGSA.

Reporting and confidentiality

Minutes from each meeting will be taken by SGSA and subsequently published .

Review Date

The structure and value of the forum will be reviewed annually by SGSA and members will be able to provide feedback.

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