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Planned preventative maintenance schedule

A detailed, rolling maintenance programme helps prevent degeneration of a venue.

A planned maintenance schedule supports safety by ensuring a rolling programme of work is undertaken to prevent degeneration of the venue structure and premature malfunctioning of equipment.

A detailed maintenance programme must be developed as a rolling plan and prepared on the basis of advice received from the designers, contractors and the many sub-contractors who have provided all manner of equipment and services to the venue.

It is also essential that records of all maintenance procedures, tests and inspections are retained for reference and audit purposes. Accordingly, the venue management should prepare and maintain a Planned Preventative Maintenance Schedule.

The existence of such a schedule helps to demonstrate that the venue management is taking its responsibilities seriously. Moreover, the quality of its performance in this regard may be taken into account when the (P) factor at the venue is being assessed.

By adopting this proactive approach, management should be able not only to reduce its long-term costs, but also reduce any potential liabilities arising from damages or faults.

The Planned Preventative Maintenance Schedule is also a key part of a ground’s Operations Manual.

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