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During and post event inspections

Within the Event Management Plan, there should be a schedule of checks to be carried out at appropriate times during the event. This is in order to ensure that all ingress, egress, emergency egress, and general circulation routes remain clear of obstruction and free of any trip hazards, such as surface contamination.

These checks should also ensure that litter and waste is not allowed to accumulate during the event, and is removed to secure containers whenever possible, and that materials and supplies are stored safely.

Such checks should ensure that, in the period leading up to the conclusion of the event, all areas immediately outside the venue, where spectators egress and enter Zone Ex, are also clear of obstruction and of any other hazards.

Post-event inspections

Post-event inspections should include:

  • A general visual inspection of the venue, to identify any signs of damage or deformation which might create a potential danger to people, with particular attention to the condition of seats, terraces, viewing slopes, barriers and stairways.
  • A detailed inspection to ensure that combustible waste and litter is cleared – particularly from voids – and either removed, or stored, in secure containers.
  • A detailed inspection of any outstanding matters of concern that may have been brought to the attention of the safety management or facilities management teams during the debriefing session

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