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Independent review of SGSA published

The Sports Grounds Safety Authority (SGSA) is “a great asset for the UK” according to the outcome of an independent review of the organisation carried out on behalf of the Department for Culture, Media and Sport.

The review, conducted as part of the Government’s programme of public bodies review, found that the SGSA “is seen nationally and internationally as a centre of excellence on sports ground safety, that punches well above its weight”, with scope to further strengthen aspects of the organisation to increase SGSA’s impact both domestically and globally.

Today, the Government has published its response to the review, stating its gratitude for the work the SGSA carries out and that the organisation is “regarded as a world leader in sports ground safety”.

The review identified 13 recommendations to further enhance and expand the SGSA.  These include:

  • Replacing the current £100 licence fee with a new charging system;
  • Identifying opportunities to improve the financial sustainability, including sharing legal, HR and data analysis resources with another organisation and being able to make a profit on advice commissioned from outside the UK;
  • Subject to an assessment of risk to fan safety, expanding the remit of the SGSA to cover the Women’s Super League and the National League;
  • Considering whether the SGSA should play a wider role in the regulation of stewarding at football matches; and
  • Considering if other sports should be required to seek advice from the SGSA and potentially expanding the remit of the SGSA beyond sport to other live events.

The Government’s response outlines its confidence in the SGSA, accepting all of the review’s recommendations whilst recognising that reform requires careful consideration and further detailed work.

“I welcome this review and the Government’s positive response.  The SGSA is a great organisation which plays a hugely important role for fans of live sport and the implementation of these recommendations will further consolidate the UK’s position as world leaders in safety.”

Martyn Henderson OBE, Chief Executive of the SGSA

The full report and Government response can be found at


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