Who We Are

We are an independent public body set up under the Football Spectators Act 1989 and funded by the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport.

What we do?

The Sports Grounds Safety Authority helps to create the conditions for safe and enjoyable experiences for spectators at all sports grounds, not only in England and Wales, but around the world.  We provide trusted advice and guidance, and we will use our experience and commitment to drive continuous improvement. We will work in collaboration with our partners to educate and inform, and we will champion innovation in the structures and systems for safety management.

We act as the authority on all matters relating to sports grounds safety, and offer our knowledge and advice on the application of Sports Grounds Safety publications (including the Green Guide and Safety Management) which are used by a range of sports nationally and internationally. We also act as a source of authoritative advice in relation to Accessible Stadia, and we remain committed to ensuring all spectators can enjoy watching sport in safety, security and comfort.

Information relating to the legislation relevant to the authority’s functions.

The SGSA’s core functions are derived from the Football Spectators Act 1989, the Sports Grounds Safety Authority Act 2011 and/or undertaken under delegated powers from the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport.

Who we work with.

The SGSA is funded by the Department for Digital, Culture Media and Sport who we work with to achieve our aims and objectives.

Senior Staff and Management Board Members

This information can be accessed  here.

Location and Contact Details for The Sports Grounds Safety Authority

Sports Grounds Safety Authority
East Wing, 1st Floor
Fleetbank House,
2-6 Salisbury Square
London EC4Y 8JX
Tel: 0207 930 6693


Privacy and Cookie Notice

What We Spend

Financial Statements, budgets and variance reports

Annual Report 2017/2018

Annual Report 2016/2017

Annual Report 2015/2016

Annual Report 2014/2015

Annual Report 2013/2014

Annual Report 2012/2013

Capital Programme

The SGSA does not have a capital programme.

Spending reviews

The SGSA receives funding from DCMS in line with the Government Spending Review process, which sets the SGSA’s funding settlement.

Financial audit reports

Details of audit reports can be found in the Annual Report.

Staff and Board Members’ allowances and expenses

Board Members receive a daily fee of £265. Board members and SGSA staff are reimbursed necessary expenses in line with the rates and procedures set by the Department for Digital, Culture Media and Sport.

Pay received by the Board Members and the Chief Executive is detailed in our Annual Report.

Pay and grading structures

The pay and grading structure of the SGSA mirrors that of the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport.

Procurement and tendering procedures

The SGSA complies with current Government guidelines.

List of contracts awarded and their value

The SGSA currently has no contracts of significant value.

Financial statements for projects and events

The SGSA currently has no financial statements for projects or events to declare.

Internal financial regulation

The SGSA complies with all internal financial regulations set by HM Treasury.

Our Priorities

Strategic Plan

The Strategic Plan  sets out what the SGSA will do to deliver our goals and priorities over the years 2016-2021.

Reports to Parliament.

Our most current Annual Report.

Inspection reports where NDPB is subject to formal inspection.

There are currently no reports of this nature.

Customer Service Standards

If you are unhappy about the standard of service you have received from the SGSA then we want you to tell us about it so that we can put things right. We are also keen to hear positive comments you may have about the SGSA and our work

If you are dissatisfied with the response you receive then you can also ask for the complaint to be reviewed by a senior official within the organisation.

We will not reply to rude or abusive emails, calls or letters.

  • We aim to answer all letters within 20 working days of receipt. We aim to answer all the points raised in correspondence, be accurate and use plain English. If it is not possible to reply within 20 working days, we shall send you an interim reply explaining the delay, answering any points we can, and advising when you can expect to receive a full reply.
  • We will see visitors with fixed appointments no later than 10 minutes after the appointment time and we will give an explanation for any delay.
  • All telephone calls will be answered within eight rings. Where an answerphone is used we will return your call within one working day.
  • Our staff will be courteous and helpful. They will identify themselves when requested to do so. Should the team be unable to resolve your enquiry, we will endeavour to put you in touch with somebody who can.
  • Complaints will be dealt with according to the procedures specified below.
  • We will do everything reasonably possible to make our services available to all.

Statistics produced in accordance with the NDPB’s requirements

The SGSA annually collates and publishes a summary of reported injuries at football grounds in England and Wales. Data is requested from all Premier League and Football League clubs plus Wembley and the Millennium Stadium and includes all competitive league and cup games.

2016 – 2017 season injuries 

Public Service Agreements

The SGSA has no public service agreements.

Our Decisions

Major Policy Proposals and Decisions

All policy decisions are made by the SGSA board. Details of any decisions can be found recorded in the Board minutes.

Background Information Relating to Major Policy Proposals and Decisions

All papers tabled at Board Meetings are available by request.

Public Consultations

During the last three years public consultation exercises have been undertaken to assist inform the content of the following published guidance.

  • Guide to Safety at Sports Grounds
  • Sports Grounds and Stadia Guide No 4: Safety Management
  • Safety Certification

Lists and Registers

Public Registry and Registers Held as Public Records

Board Register of Interests

Policies and Procedures

Policies and procedures for the conduct of organisational business and provision of services

We are committed to providing a courteous and helpful service at all times. Every year we shall publish details of our performance in our Annual Report. This will be sent to all the clubs, local authorities and other bodies with whom we deal, and to anybody else on request, without charge.

These details shall include:

  • the number of visits to grounds;
  • the number of formal meetings with local authorities, clubs, the emergency services and other representative bodies;
  • the number of licences issued and the time taken;
  • the number of safety certificates examined and he number considered satisfactory;
  • the time taken to handle enquiries;
  • the number of complaints received and the outcomes

Information and openness

  • We shall act fairly and impartially at all times.
  • We shall give clubs and local authorities advance notice of our licensing procedures.
  • We shall advise all clubs of likely licence conditions in sufficient time for them to take any necessary action.
  • When clubs tell us their plans for redeveloping their grounds we shall advise them as soon as possible how best to reach acceptable standards.
  • We shall answer all requests from local authorities and clubs for advice on safety as fully as we can and without charge.
  • We shall explain to local authorities or clubs when and why we consider that existing safety arrangements will need to be changed.
  • We shall not overrule reasonable requirements by a local authority based on competent professional advice and correct procedures.
  • We shall whenever possible accept every invitation to explain our principles and our policies in public but will not disclose information about particular clubs given to us in confidence.

Consultation and communication

  • Even where there is no statutory requirement, we shall formally consult local authorities and clubs about any proposed licence conditions on seating and standing accommodation.
  • We shall give clubs the opportunity to make representations about any licence conditions before we impose them.
  • We shall at all times seek what is necessary for the reasonable safety of the public at any particular ground.
  • Before we issue any general guidance on safety we shall consult representatives of all those who will be affected and will take their views into account.
  • We shall not impose any safety requirement without first trying to reach agreement with the local authority and club concerned.
  • We shall use our legal powers only as a last resort.
  • We shall visit grounds frequently to see them for ourselves and to listen to the views of clubs.
  • We shall keep in close contact with each local authority and club so that they can quickly warn us of their problems or concerns.

Courtesy and helpfulness

  • We are committed to providing a courteous and helpful service at all times. Our Members and staff shall identify themselves by name in all dealings with local authorities, clubs, other bodies or members of the public. Our Members and Inspectors shall all carry identification cards.
  • We shall keep each local authority and club informed of the name and telephone number of the Inspector who is responsible for the ground concerned. The local SGSA Inspector will be the first point of contact for local authorities and clubs on all matters. Save in exceptional circumstances, our Inspectors shall give advance notice of their visits to grounds; visits shall be at reasonable times and designed to cause the minimum possible disruption. Official visits to grounds by other SGSA representatives shall be by prior agreement with the club.
  • We shall concentrate on helping local authorities and clubs improve safety and not on criticising them


  • If you have a complaint about the Sports Grounds Safety Authority, you can email the Chief Executive (Interim), Martyn Hutchinson, or write to: East Wing, 1st Floor, Fleetbank House, 2-6 Salisbury Square, London EC4Y 8JX
  • We shall reply as fully as possible to all complaints within 20 working days. If the matter will take longer to investigate we shall write and tell you. If you are still not satisfied you may ask for the matter to be considered by our independent Chairman and Board Members. If the complaint is justified, we shall immediately take such steps as are necessary to put matters right and prevent any repetition.
  • If we receive complaints about matters for which we have no responsibility, we shall immediately pass these on to the appropriate authority and tell you what action we have taken.

Value for money

  • We aim to limit the cost to clubs to no more than is reasonably necessary.
  • We shall seek to ensure standards of safety that are proportionate to the risk and take account of the design and size of the ground.
  • We believe that it is in clubs’ own interest to provide high standards of facilities, comfort and service for spectators.
  • We shall encourage and help them to do this but it is not for us to compel them. Where seating or standing accommodation for spectators falls below a certain standard, we shall expect clubs to manage it safely.
  • We shall only prevent it being used if it presents an unacceptable safety or public order risk.
  • We shall encourage clubs to identify and adopt for themselves the measures necessary to ensure the reasonable safety of spectators without having to be told what to do.
  • We shall look for consistency but not uniformity in the enforcement of safety requirements by local authorities.

Recruitment and employment of staff

The SGSA advertises all vacancies it is seeking to fill by recruitment from the SGSA on this website. The SGSA is an equal opportunities employer and welcomes applications from all sections of the community.

Records Management and personal data policies

The SGSA’s general policy is to retain records for a minimum period of six years. A copy of the detailed retention policies in respect of each class of document held by the SGSA will be made available on request.

Charging regimes and policies

We may seek to recover costs under certain circumstances. A copy of our charging policy is available upon request.

Services We Provide

Services we offer

In addition to publishing Sports Grounds and Safety Guides, which provide detailed advice and guidance to those involved with the safety management of any sports grounds, the SGSA also publishes guidance for local authorities on the issue, monitoring and enforcement of safety certificates issues under the provisions of the Safety of Sports Ground Act 1975 and the Fire Safety and Safety of Places of Sport Act 1987.