Stewarding factsheets

The SGSA has produced new factsheets in relation to stewarding, to support grounds in their effective planning.  These factsheets provide an easy-to-follow overview of the guidance already available in the Green Guide and SG03: Event Safety Management.

There are eight factsheets in total, which each focus on a different element of stewarding and resource planning:

Factsheet 1 Overview (PDF)

Factsheet 2 Safety, security and non-safety critical roles (PDF)

Factsheet 3 Stewarding roles and duties (PDF)

Factsheet 4 Qualifications (PDF)

Factsheet 5 Training (PDF)

Factsheet 6 – SIA Stewarding Exemption for Sports Grounds (PDF)

Factsheet 7 Briefing and debriefing (PDF)

Factsheet 8 Management and HR (PDF) 

The factsheets provide an overview of the existing guidance available from the SGSA.

They are purposely short and succinct.  It is recommended that the detail is opened via the full guidance – Guide to Safety at Sports Grounds (Green Guide) and Supplementary Guidance 03: Event Safety Management.