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Spectator safety qualifications

Spectator safety qualifications are a fundamental part of high stewarding standards.

At the heart of a successful event is the safety and security of the spectators. 

At sports grounds this is achieved through a safety management team. A fundamental part of this is education and training of everyone involved.

The SGSA, as the leaders for sports grounds safety in the UK, is involved in ensuring spectator safety qualifications meet high standards.

As noted in the Green Guide, ground management has the responsibility for ensuring that all safety personnel, whether in-house or provided under contract, are competent and, where not already qualified, have received sufficient training to carry out the duties and responsibilities assigned to them.

Spectator safety qualifications

There are three levels of spectator safety qualifications, all of which are competency-based:

Level 2 qualifications

A requirement for stewards:

  • Level 2 Certificate Spectator Safety
  • Level 2 Certificate Spectator Safety (Physical Intervention)

Level 3 qualifications

A requirement for supervisors:

  • Level 3 Certificate Spectator Safety Supervision
  • Level 3 Extended Certificate Spectator Safety Supervision

Level 4 qualification

A recommendation for Safety Officers:

  • Level 4 Diploma Spectator Safety Management


SkillsActive is the Sector Skills Council for Active Leisure, Learning and Well-Being. One of its responsibilities is to produce and maintain, with the aid of employers in the sector, National Occupational Standards (NOS).

These specify the standard of performance an individual must achieve when carrying out a function in the workplace, together with the knowledge, understanding and experience they need to meet that standard consistently. Essentially NOS are benchmarks of good practice.

A steward must have successfully completed a training programme that has been mapped against the relevant NOS, and whose occupational competency has been successfully assessed under those standards, or be undergoing training and assessment towards the meeting of such standards.

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