Pyrotechnics Education Campaign

Following several well publicised instances of pyrotechnics being used within stadiums by the public, and recognising the dangers they can present to fans and others, the SGSA has been in discussions with the police, supporter groups and football governing bodies about appropriate advice and guidance on how to manage and prevent the illegal use of pyrotechnics.

As a result, the SGSA has developed an education campaign toolkit to raise awareness of the risks associated with the use of pyrotechnics and to help ensure safety officers, their safety teams, staff, players and officials at clubs are fully aware of the responsibilities around pyrotechnics. The document also compliments and reaffirms advice from the ‘Pyrotechnics in Stadia’ report published by UEFA in 2016.

The toolkit reinforces the following key messages:

If the illegal use of a pyrotechnic does take place, those who might attempt to deal with pyrotechnic devices should follow the three-stage approach:


This campaign is supported by all members of a Pyrotechnics Working Group, made up of representatives from the EFL, FA, Football Supporters Association, Premier League and UK Football Policing Unit.

Chief Executive of the SGSA, Martyn Henderson, said: “Pyrotechnics are more dangerous than many people appreciate so we strongly encourage all clubs to use this toolkit as guidance on how to manage and eliminate their use.”

The contents of the ‘Pyrotechnics Education – Campaign Toolkit’ and its accompanying video is a useful resource for all venues, including non-designated grounds.

Content and Resources
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