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Demountable structures

A demountable stand is a temporary structure designed specifically to be erected and dismantled on many occasions.

A demountable structure is a structure, usually consisting of lightweight components, that is designed specifically to be erected and dismantled on many occasions.

Demountable structures should never be subject to margins of safety lower than those required for permanent structures.

Although the term ‘temporary’ is often applied to demountable structures, the length of time that such a structure is in place at a sports ground is immaterial. Whether it is in place for a single event, or for an extended period, or as part of an overlay, the structure will still need to comply with requirements outlined in the Green Guide.

Demountable structures erected at sports grounds typically fall into the following categories:

  • fixed stands or viewing platforms (for seating or standing)
  • telescopic or retractable stands or viewing platforms
  • hospitality units
  • canopies, shelters, tents and marquees
  • media facilities, including camera gantries
  • floodlights
  • public address or sound systems
  • screens
  • barriers
  • stages, platforms and performance areas.

These types of structures are usually designed to be easily and quickly erected and dismantled and are capable of adaptation to different situations. This often means that, from a structural engineering perspective, they are relatively lightweight, made from slender components and need to be designed, erected, and inspected by competent persons before they are used.

Chapter 14 of the Green Guide outlines detailed information about demountable structures

In addition, we have published a Demountable Stand Checklist which outlines the information typically required for the approval of a demountable stand by the appropriate authority. The checklist is not intended to be exhaustive nor to apply in all circumstances.

Further guidance

Guidance note on the procurement and use of demountable structures from the Institution of Structural Engineers.  This aims to remind people of their legal responsibilities when procuring and using temporary demountable structures for events.

Temporary Demountable Structures from the Institution of Structural Engineers, supported by the Health and Safety Executive.  This contains essential information on the procurement, design, erection and use of temporary demountable structures, including grandstands; stages; fabric structures; hospitality units; and fencing and barriers. Towers and masts that support media facilities are also included.

Chapter 14 of the Green Guide provides full information on demountable structures.

This includes:

  • definition and types
  • design checks and inspections
  • design performance and suitability.
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