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Closed circuit television (CCTV) is a system in which images are monitored and recorded for safety and security purposes.

Closed circuit television (CCTV) systems are an essential component of the safe management of sports grounds. They should be installed wherever possible for three main purposes:

  • It offers ground management an effective means of monitoring crowds and any instances of overcrowding, crowd management, crowd disorder, anti-social behaviour and threats to security.
  • CCTV allows personnel in the control point to identify incidents, either by viewing the monitor directly or after receiving reports and then, by use of the system, to make a more details appraisal.
  • In the event of crowd disorder, anti-social behaviour, an accident or a threat to security, CCTV systems enable the management to use recordings for evidential purposes.

CCTV should never be considered as a substitute for good stewarding or other forms of safety management.

Ideally all information from CCTV monitors should be readily available to the safety officer, and emergency services personnel, as necessary. An open plan control point will make this exchange of information easier and more efficient.

CCTV monitors should not be able to be viewed by spectators.

Risk assessment

In order to establish which zones, internal and external, need to be covered by CCTV, a detailed risk assessment of every part of the ground is required. This assessment should identify the level of risk in each zone. For example, a turnstile area at the end of a confined space may be assessed as ‘high risk’, and a hospitality lounge ‘low risk’.

The assessment should also take into account the nature of the risk, the likelihood of an incident occurring and the potential consequences.

Such an assessment will help management to establish whether alternative methods can be adopted to monitor areas of risk, or, if CCTV coverage is considered necessary, the level of coverage required.

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