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A vomitory is an access route between the viewing accommodation and other circulation areas.

A vomitory is an access route built into the gradient of a stand or terrace which directly links the viewing accommodation to concourses, and/or routes for ingress and egress.

They are also an aid to safety management, allowing stewards and other personnel to gain direct and easy access to particular areas.

Passage through a vomitory can be level, ramped or via stairways. Designs and layouts can take several different forms but in general, the following requirements should be met:

  • If passage through the vomitory is by steps, the design, dimensions, barriers and handrails should meet the requirement for stairways (as outlined in the Green Guide).
  • People should be able to approach the vomitory only from the front and/or from its sides. The approach to the vomitory may only be from behind if it is controlled by the routing of gangways.
  • If, on a terrace for standing spectators, this is not practical, barriers should be positioned at each side of the vomitory‚Äôs entrance. This is to ensure that spectators approaching from behind have to pass around the ends of the barriers and therefore approach the vomitory entrance from the sides. These barriers should be protected (by infill or screening), to prevent spectators climbing through and approaching from behind.
  • In all areas of viewing accommodation, where appropriate, consideration should be given to providing protection against objects being accidentally knocked onto spectators passing through the vomitory.
  • Management should ensure that no spectators or non-essential staff are allowed to stand in vomitories during an event.
  • Vomitories should be clearly identified, both internally and externally, by plainly visible numbers or letters, and on all site plans, so that resources can be quickly directed to that section of the viewing accommodation whenever required.

Similarly, during ingress and egress, stewards should position themselves to ensure the unimpeded passage of spectators. Stewards should not prevent spectators being able to access any handrails present. This is essential towards the end of an event (or a significant part of an event) in order to prevent overcrowding and to avoid impeding those spectators who wish to leave and to ensure spectator safety.

Further information is available in chapter 9 of the Green Guide.

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