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Spectator injury data strategic objectives

The strategic objectives relating to the SGSA’s collation of spectator injury statistics.

The SGSA annually collates and publishes a summary of reported injuries at football grounds in England and Wales.

Currently this represents SGSA’s principal dataset.

Data is requested from all Premier League and Football League clubs plus Wembley and the Principality Stadium and includes all competitive league and cup games. The SGSA introduced a new approach to the collation and publication of such data from the 2016/17 season onwards.

Such data collection has the following strategic objectives:

  1. Medical incident data helps inform decisions on the nature and scale of medical provision at football grounds subject to SGSA licensing, and on any changes to the physical infrastructure and/or crowd management at those grounds to ensure everyone can continue to watch live football safely.
  2. Data should be collected on all medical incidents occurring at football grounds subject to SGSA licensing, including but not limited to spectator injuries and injuries to members of staff
  3. High quality medical incident data, including on spectator injuries, is dependent on consistent and accurate data recording and reporting by individual clubs, and consistent and accurate data collation and analysis
  4. High quality medical incident data should be clear and transparent, to help inform decision making by all those, including supporters, with an interest in the operation of football grounds subject to SGSA licensing. SGSA will ensure that spectator injury data continues to be collated, with macro-level data at league level published annually on the SGSA website together with supporting commentary and analysis
  5. SGSA will use medical incident data collected at football grounds subject to SGSA licensing in the 2020-21 season, together with a range of other evidence, to help SGSA discharge its statutory responsibilities associated with (i) licensing Wembley, the Principality Stadium and PL/EFL grounds in England and Wales to admit spectators, and, (ii) the oversight of local authority safety at sports grounds and safety certification functions

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