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Accessible Stadia

Accessible Stadia offers a good practice guide to the design of facilities to meet the needs of disabled spectators and other users.

Accessible Stadia is a free guidance document that offers a good practice guide to the design of facilities to meet the needs of disabled spectators and other users.

First published in 2003, it is still widely recognised as a minimum standard for designers, access consultants and sports ground management.

Since its publication there has been significant progress with changes to equality legislation, the development of inclusive solutions and technologies and raised societal expectations in catering for disabled people. These must all be taken into account in relation to the provision and management of accessible facilities and services at sports grounds.

In 2015, the SGSA and Level Playing Field published a Supplementary Guidance which provides an update based on current legislation and good practice, and includes a number of ways in which good design and management of new and existing sports grounds can reduce or remove barriers to access.

Both documents offer good practice for new and existing sports grounds, providing practical solutions to help deliver high-quality grounds with facilities and services that are accessible, inclusive and welcoming for all.

The information contained in these publications are intended to provide useful guidance, but is not a definitive statement applicable to all circumstances. Independent professional advice should be obtained before taking any action or from refraining from taking any action on the basis of this information.

(To note, this guidance is currently being reviewed by Level Playing Field.)

What’s covered in Accessible Stadia

Accessible Stadia includes a range of useful information and standards, including access audits, accessibility appraisals as well as an overview of stadium facilities.

It highlights the physical features, design issues and standards for areas within the sports ground, including:

  • Transport and access to the stadium
  • Information and signage
  • Parking
  • Ticket outlets and designated entrances
  • Movement and circulation in and around the stadium
  • Vertical and horizontal circulation
  • Lifts, ramps and staircases
  • Toilets
  • Bars, restaurants and other commercial activities
  • Hospitality suites and executive boxes
  • Press and media
  • Access audit and accessibility appraisals
  • Worked examples for existing and new stadia

What’s covered in the Supplementary Guidance

The Supplementary Guidance offers updated information on:

  • Legislation
  • Amenity and easy access seating
  • Toilets
  • Removing sensory barriers
  • Additional guidance documents

Document downloads

Accessible Stadia(pdf/667.09kB)

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