Alternative uses of sports grounds

The ever-increasing use of sports grounds for events other than those for which they were designed presents enormous challenges to those responsible for ensuring the safety of spectators.

Safety management teams have to balance the desire to accommodate complex and extravagant productions attracting new and diverse audiences, often utilising the field of play as spectator accommodation, whilst ensuring safe and secure surroundings.

The SGSA’s Alternative Uses of Sports Grounds guidance has been written to address these issues.  It aims to assist ground management in the preparation of spectator safety management plans and to assist them and local authorities in determining the safe capacity for an alternative use event. It also provides advice to designers and architects to inform the design of new multi-purpose venues by outlining the key elements to be considered when building new sports grounds.

The guidance covers:

  • Legislation
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Design and overlay
  • Using the field of play as viewing accommodation
  • Use of existing spectator accommodation
  • Event specific operations manual

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