Local authority checklist

The wider understanding of safety in relation to the Safety of Sports Grounds Act 1975 and Fire Safety and Safety of Places of Sport Act 1987 has led to a review of working practices and procedures at sports grounds to ensure that there are plans in place to deal with issues raised by the wider understanding.

Below are listed a series of questions that certifying authorities may wish to consider to check their progress in ensuring that the wider understanding of safety has been adopted by sports grounds to whom they issue safety certificates under the 1975 and 1987 Acts.

1. General Documents

  • Is there a document attached to the certificate that identifies the area within which the certificate conditions will have effect (sometimes called the red line drawing)?
  • Does the Event Safety Policy Statement (formerly the Spectator Safety Policy Statement) meet the new requirements?
  • Do the SAG terms of reference provide for the certifying authority to receive expert advice on all matters that may be discussed at the SAG?
  • Has the membership of the SAG been reconsidered to ensure that relevant advice and assistance is available?
  • Have all documents been examined to ensure that the wording has been updated?
  • Has the new documentation been reported to and endorsed by the relevant Council Committee?

2. Safety Certificate

  • Does the safety certificate state the times at which it is in operation in relation to the specified activities regulated by the certificate?
  • Have any conditions considered appropriate by the certifying authority been inserted into the certificate?
  • Has the list of deviations to the Green Guide (which is normally held with the safety certificate) been updated?

3. Crowd disorder and Anti-Social Behaviour

  • Does the statement of intent between the sports ground and the police deal with issues raised by the wider understanding?
  • Does the ground have a bespoke crowd disorder and anti-social behaviour plan?
  • If not, are all aspects mentioned in the SGSA Guidance dealt with in other documents?
  • Is there a dispute resolution process in place for disagreements on police attendance at events?

4. Counter Terrorism

  • Are procedures in place to hold parts of a SAG meeting in confidence where this is required by the information to be discussed?
  • Does the ground have contingency plans that include the different methods of people movement in an emergency situation?
  • Does the ground have a lock down plan?
  • Is there a specific counter terrorism plan that has been developed by the club?
  • Are all counter terrorism documents marked in accordance with a secure documents scheme, such as the Government Security Classification Scheme?
  • Has the ground produced a plan to deal with an increase in the threat level?

5. Safety for All

  • Have documents (including the certificate) been checked to replace ‘spectators’ with ‘people at the event’ or some other suitable phrase?
  • Have protocols been drawn up with relevant regulating bodies or local authority departments to ensure collaborative working?
  • Is there a written procedure on how to deal with all these issues? It is important that all changes to the safety certification process is recorded and endorsed appropriately.