Guide to Safety at Sports Grounds ‘Green Guide’ – Available Now

The sixth edition of the Guide to Safety at Sports Grounds, also known as the Green Guide, is now available to purchase.

The Green Guide helps sports grounds owners and operators calculate a safe capacity for their venue.  It is used around the world by architects and designers as a best practice guide for the development and refurbishment of stadiums.  The new sixth edition offers the latest expert advice and technical specifications on ensuring a safe environment for spectators.

Purchase options

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the advice of the Government on COVID-19, the staff of the Sports Grounds Safety Authority will be working from home until further notice.  Therefore we are unable to fulfill any hard copy orders.  We have removed the option to buy a hard copy only.  You are able to purchase a hard and digital copy bundle, but there will be a delay in the hard copy being sent.  If you have any questions, please contact

Digital copy

Both Hard and Digital Copies

Hard and digital versions are priced at £95 each or you can purchase both as a bundle for £150.

We have discounts available for purchasing multiple hard copies of the Green Guide:

  • 15-49 – 10% discount
  • 50-99 – 15% discount
  • 100+ – 20% discount

To make a bulk order, please contact the SGSA office at

Access the Green Guide Worked Examples and Annexes.

Legal notice


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Website download licence

Website goods and digital download terms


Can I still access the last edition of the Guide?

The fifth edition of the Green Guide is no longer accessible.

Why is there a cost increase in the Guide?

The sixth edition of the guide has been two years in production.  It represents a significant investment by the Sports Grounds Safety Authority (SGSA) and we expect it to make a major contribution to sports grounds safety for many years to come.  The charge reflects this investment.

The SGSA is a non-profit organisation and any income generated will be reinvested into our service to promote safety at sports grounds in the UK and internationally.