Training opportunities

The SGSA is committed to supporting continuous professional development across the sports safety sector.  Over the last couple of years, the SGSA has developed an online training approach, which will continue to be used.

The training sessions currently available are listed below.

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Planning Safe Events

Venue management and event organisers around the world face common challenges and need practical tools and guidance to help ensure the safety of people who attend their events.

Our document – Supplementary Guidance 03: Event Safety Management – provides a comprehensive overview of the planning and delivery of safe events.

This training course complements the guidance and focuses on how the contents of the Event Safety Management guidance can be applied to venues.  It will cover:

  • The strategic and operational aspects of the event planning cycle
  • Identify how to carry out risk assessments
  • Control, co-ordination, communication and intelligence (C3I)
  • Event planning and the Operations Manual
  • Incident management and contingency planning
  • Audit trails and debriefing.

We have the following dates available in 2022, with each course taking place between 10am and 3.30pm:

Thursday 23 June – spaces available, book online

Thursday 8 September – spaces available, book online

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Local Authority Safety Certification

This one-day online course is designed to support those responsible for safety certification in local authorities.  It will cover the following subjects:

  • Legislation
  • Process and administration, including safety certification guidance
  • Safety Advisory Groups

We have the following dates available in 2022, with each course taking place between 10am and 3.30pm:

Wednesday 15 June – spaces available, book online

Monday 12 September – spaces available, book online

Wednesday 7 December – spaces available, book online

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Feedback from past training sessions:

“Even though I am the lead officer dealing with sports grounds it is a very small part of my job, this training was a very good refresher and an aid with regards to risk based certificates.”

“Knowledgeable presenters and really well presented sessions by all. Opportunities for interactive sessions. Well co-ordinated. Excellent course material.”

“Trainers were engaging and extremely knowledgeable. Interactive sessions ensures all attendees participate.”

“Very informative even for someone who has been in the sports ground environment for 5 years.”

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Can I pay for the training by invoice?

Yes. We use Eventbrite as our booking system.  On the order page there is a drop down box on the payment method, where you can select pay by invoice.  The invoice will then be sent separately.

Why are the training sessions online only?

We have decided to keep the training sessions online to ensure the costs are kept as low as possible for delegates.