Winter reminders for sports grounds

The New Year is upon us.  With it, comes the threat of cold weather.  To help with your preparations, we’ve set out five top reminders if we are hit with another ‘beast from the East’.

  1. Materials for dealing with ice

Check you’ve got access to the materials needed for dealing with icy conditions.  Have plans in place for using salt to clear icy roads, paths and car parks. Consider appropriate materials and resources for treating spectator areas that do not create corrosion or affect the field of play.

  1. Respond to freezing and thawing out

Check the plans you’ve got in place for responding to freezing temperatures and thawing out after frost and snow. This is particularly important to check the walkways for before and after matches.

  1. Avoid freezing pipes

Think about draining off water from unnecessary systems to avoid freezing and burst pipes. Consider insulating or trace heating essential supplies that may be exposed to low temperatures.

  1. Look at weather forecasts

Keep an eye on the weather forecasts and take this into consideration with contingency and match day plans. Can staff and suppliers travel safely to the ground?

  1. Take care of your stewards

Standing in the stands in cold conditions can be challenging. Remind stewards about the need for warm clothing. Careful staff management can be used, such as moving stewards around to enable them to get some movement, whilst not impacting the safety of the sports grounds.