Standing at Football Review Released

The Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport has released the results of a review into evidence relating to the all-seater policy and any gaps that exist in that data.

CFE Research were selected to take forward the research and analysis.  This analysis of evidence examines the existing data and research relating to:

  • football matches taking place at all tiers of competition under the all-seater policy and other UK and International jurisdictions,
  • persistent standing contrary to current policy, and associated safety and injury risk,
  • the evolution in stadium design, seating technology and modern crowd management approaches, in particular the introduction of rail seating and other new seating products such as seats with independent barriers, and
  • the permanent application of the policy once a stadium is brought in scope.

A spokesperson for the Sports Grounds Safety Authority (SGSA) said: “The focus of the SGSA is the safety and enjoyment of all fans.  The review commissioned by the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) has identified a lack of evidence on standing at football grounds.

“The SGSA has commissioned new independent research on the nature and scale of standing at football, associated safety risks and how to mitigate them. The research will take place over the 2019/20 season.  The results will be published next summer and provided to DCMS to help inform Government’s consideration of the all-seater policy.”