Spectator safety qualification consultation

The final consultation on new spectator safety qualifications is now open.

The new qualifications follow the publication of the new National Occupational Standards for Spectator Safety in 2019.  They build upon the previous standards level 2 steward, level 3 supervisor, level 4 safety officer.  Much of the work has been focused on the wider understanding of safety and the need to provide training to staff on responding to new threats.

The qualifications will be competency-based.  There will also be a knowledge-based qualification at level 2 as an entry level qualification.

Provide your views

Each qualification level has its own page.  This contains the individual units along with a consultation questionnaire.

Please consider the units, complete the survey and return to info@sgsamail.org.uk by 20 March.

Level 2 qualification – for learners in the job role of a steward though this could similarly be an attendant, event crew member or usher.

Level 3 qualification – for supervisors

Level 4 qualification– for senior safety officers.

About the project

The process started following a review of the previous standards and qualifications in response to changing threats to the sports, events and the wider crowded places sector.

New occupational standards for the sector were developed and published in 2019.  Since then the SGSA has facilitated the extensive work to develop new qualifications.

We have worked with governing bodies, safety officers, venue operators, training providers, government agencies, subject matter experts and trade associations to develop the content of the qualifications.

Although initially developed for the sports grounds  sector the suite of qualifications are suitable for non-sports grounds events, arenas open spaces, festivals, entertainment and cultural venues, visitor attractions indeed any venue or event where there are members of the public attending as any audience, spectators or gathering.

Following the public consultation, the awarding organisations and SGSA will work to create the new qualifications for delivery at the earliest opportunity.


Level 4 qualification consultation

Level 3 qualification consultation

Level 2 qualification consultation

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