SGSA speaks at FIFA Master programme

This week the SGSA has been speaking to students from around the world, as part of the prestigious FIFA Master programme.

Ken Scott, SGSA’s Head of Inspectorate, and Darren Whitehouse, Head of Strategy and Partnerships, worked with the students to explore common issues in previous stadium tragedies around the world, and spoke about the history of the SGSA and regulatory work in the UK and the SGSA’s work with FIFA and the African football federation (CAF).

The FIFA Master – International Master in Management, Law and Humanities of Sport is a unique course which produces the next generation of managers in tune with the rapidly changing world of modern sport.  Students from countries around the world, including Gabon, Peru, India, Australia, Chile and Japan, were part of the group to hear how the UK addresses safety at sports grounds.

Ken Scott said: “It is a privilege to be part of the FIFA Master programme and to speak to the next generation of leaders in sport.  Safety at sports grounds can never be underestimated, so this was a great opportunity to highlight its importance at the early stage of the students’ careers.

James Panter, FIFA Master Humanities of Sport Module Co-ordinator, said: “We are extremely grateful to Darren Whitehouse and Ken Scott from the Sports Grounds Safety Authority for taking time from their busy schedules to deliver guest presentations for our current FIFA Master postgraduate class. It was an extremely informative morning and covered important issues for our international class, many of whom already work in stadium and event operations around the world. I am sure the SGSA sessions will play an important part in their work when they return to their home countries. Thank you to Darren and Ken for their help and support.”