Safety during construction

Building works in progress at certificated grounds and regulated stands will inevitably involve temporary changes in the physical layout of some part of a sports ground.  Guidance has been developed on safety at sports grounds during construction.

The aim of this guidance is to give Certifying Authorities guidance on how to ensure that reasonable standards of public safety can be maintained whilst construction operations are in progress.

It provides guidance on the matters to be considered by the Certifying Authority when construction work is carried out at sports grounds. It may also be of use to ground management and contractors.

Ground owners and managers considering commissioning building works should be encouraged to make early contact with the department of the local authority that is responsible for sports ground safety to establish what procedures should be followed for notification and what technical standards will need to be met. In most cases, it is owners or ground managers, rather than builders or designers, who are responsible, in law, for complying with public safety legislation and it should be borne in mind also that penalties for non-compliance could be severe.

Safety at Sports Grounds during construction – full guidance (PDF)