A licence to admit spectators to standing accommodation at League 1 and League 2 Football grounds will only be granted where the layout of the accommodation:

  • comprises continuous crush barriers between radial gangways, as outlined in the sixth edition of the Guide to Safety at Sports Grounds (Green Guide);
  • is such that all spectators are within 12 metres of a gangway or exit as measured along a line of unobstructed travel from the viewing position (see Green Guide);
  • the spacing, strength and construction of all the crush barriers conform to the Green Guide;
  • the height and positioning of all the crush barriers are in accord with the Green Guide;

It should be assumed that level standing areas or non-stepped sloping areas will not form part of the viewing accommodation that will be licensed for spectator use

Clubs promoted from the Football Conference who have not been members of the Football League since 1999 have three years in which to bring their standing accommodation up to the prescribed standard.