CCTV Code of Practice

The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has issued a Code of Practice the use of CCTV.

This code provides good practice advice for those involved in operating CCTV and other surveillance camera devices that view or record individuals.

CCTV Code of Practice


Council of Europe Convention Signed

Cyber Security for Major Events Guidance

New guidance from the National Cyber Security Centre on cyber security

Reflections on security at future major events

Ken Scott blogs about his reflections on security at future major events.

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Stewarding and SIA licence

Information about stewarding and the SIA licence.

Planning for increased threat levels

Guidance for sports grounds in planning for an increase to threat levels

Counter-terrorism in sports grounds

For a number of years the UK has been at a threat level of severe (an attack is highly likely) and ground management should have developed plans that are in place to provide protective security appropriate to that level.

Control Rooms

Control Rooms provides an invaluable source of information for sports ground managers, designers, safety advisors and agencies involved in the upgrading of an existing facility or the design of a new one.