Which parts of a ground should be covered by a Safety Certificate?

The terms and conditions of the safety certificate should cover all areas to which the spectators have access, including restaurants, licensed bars, and concourses.

The safety certificate should also cover any other areas and all matters, over which the management of the sports ground has either direct or indirect control, which may affect the safety of spectators at the sports ground. This could encompass offices or players’ facilities within a stand, media facilities and car parks.

The certificate holder cannot be held responsible for circumstances outside his control, for example hazards presented by local industrial premises or restricted access for emergency vehicles because of congestion on the public highway, even if these could adversely affect the safety of spectators at the sports ground. However, the local authority may reasonably take account of any such factors, together with the sports ground management’s plans for responding to them, when setting the permitted capacity.

The safety of spectators beyond the curtilage of the sports ground falls outside the scope of the 1975 and 1987 Acts and of the safety certificate.

The SGSA Guidance on Safety Certification provides details on what should be included.