Planning safe events – online training

Venue management and event organisers around the world face common challenges and need practical tools and guidance to help ensure the safety of people who attend their events.

Our new document – Supplementary Guidance 03: Event Safety Management – provides a comprehensive overview of the planning and delivery of safe events.

This new training course will focus on how the contents of the Event Safety Management guidance can be applied to venues.

The training team will consider how Event Safety Management principles can be applied to events at large and small venues.  It will:

  • Consider the strategic and operational aspects of the event planning cycle
  • Identify how to carry out risk assessments and contingency planning
  • Work through the contents of the Operations Manual and Event Management Plan
  • Highlight the importance of the Event Record.

There will be a mix of trainer led discussions and group exercises which will help develop and enhance the understanding of applying the Event Safety Management document.


The training will be delivered by the authors of the guidance document: Rick Riding, Martin Girvan and Jill McCracken.


The current dates available are below.  Please click on the date to go to the booking form:


10am – training starts

3.30pm – training ends

There will be breaks throughout the day.


The price of the training is £100 per person.

If you have any questions about the training, please contact