Planning for social distancing – international

The Sports Grounds Safety Authority (SGSA) has launched an international version of its guidance on physical distancing at sports grounds.

The document – Supplementary Guidance 02 (international): Planning for physical distancing at sports grounds – aims to help countries around the world prepare for the return of fans to stadiums in a physically distanced way with confidence.

In addition to an English version, the document is available in French and Spanish and can be freely downloaded via our SG02 International webpage.  It outlines the impact different physical distancing measurements have on concourses, seating arrangements and entry and exit numbers.  It also offers stadium management solutions in how to meet their responsibilities for COVID-19 protection.

The document highlights the importance of fan engagement before and during an event.  In particular, it recommends the creation of a ‘Spectators’ Code of Conduct’.  This outlines a commitment for fans not only to respect the physical distancing needs of others, but also to avoid acting in any way that might risk the health of other fans and staff working at the stadium.

Martyn Henderson, Chief Executive of the SGSA, said: “The COVID-19 pandemic has clearly had a devastating impact on sport around the world. This guidance has been developed to support the recovery of sport and, in particular, to help fans to return to our sports grounds and safely enjoy the experience of live sport again.

“Bringing fans back into grounds while maintaining physical distancing will be very challenging. Just as we have all had to learn new behaviours in order to reduce the spread of the virus, sports grounds too will need to significantly adapt. I hope this guidance will make a significant contribution to the safe return of fans and, in turn, the recovery of sport around the world.”

The international version of the guidance is based on the principles developed to meet the requirements of the UK Government.  The SGSA is the safety regulator for football grounds in the Premier League and English Football League.  It provides strategic support for sports grounds, governing bodies and others, both in the UK and internationally. It also works to raise standards globally through our guidance, particularly the Guide to Safety at Sports Grounds (also referred to as the Green Guide) on which this supplementary guidance is based.

SG02 Supplementary Guidance 02 international: Planning for physical distancing at sports grounds – English edition (PDF)

Conseil complémentaire 02 (internationale): Organiser la distanciation physique dans les stades – Édition française (PDF)

Directrices complementarias 02 (internacional): Planificación del distanciamiento físico en los estadios – Edición en español (PDF)