Oversight and Licensing Policy

Under the provisions of the Football Spectators Act 1989 (1989 Act) the SGSA has two regulatory responsibilities:

  1. To keep under review the discharge by local authorities of their functions under the Safety of Sports Grounds Act 1975 (1975 Act) in relation to grounds at which designated football matches are played (section 13 of the 1989 Act)
  2. To issue licences to admit spectators to any premises for the purpose of watching any designated football match played at those premises (sections 10 -12 of the 1989 Act).

Designated football matches are those matches played at the home grounds of clubs in the Premier and English Football Leagues, Wembley and the Principality Stadium.

The Oversight and Licensing Policy – July 2022 (PDF) outlines how the SGSA will discharge its powers under the Football Spectators Act 1989.