Operations manual

The Operations Manual sets out the procedures intended to ensure the reasonable safety of all people present during regular events held at the ground.

The key safety management procedures that should be addressed in the Operations Manual are:

  • Spectator safety of event safety policy
  • Safety management structure
  • Capacity calculations
  • Site plans/drawings
  • Risk assessment for regular events
  • Pre-event activities
  • Stewarding plan
  • Contingency plans
  • Counter terrorism plan
  • Training and exercising
  • Segregation policy
  • Crowd disorder and anti-social behaviour plan
  • Safeguarding plan
  • Ticketing strategy
  • An event management template
  • Traffic management plan
  • Planning for external factors
  • Fire safety plan
  • Communications plan
  • Planned preventative maintenance/tests/inspections
  • Medical plan
  • Commercial and non-sporting activities

More information on the content of these can be found in the Green Guide.