New spectator safety qualifications

From today, new spectator safety qualifications are open for registrations, marking the conclusion of a two-year review project.

There are five qualifications in the sector, a stewarding  Award and Certificate at Level 2, a Level 3 Certificate for supervisors ,a new Extended Certificate at  Level 3 and a Level 4 Diploma for safety officers.  This new structure provides a clear career pathway for learners in the sector. Further details of the new qualifications can be found here:

Important changes include basic life support skills training for the Level 2 and Level 3 Certificates. Each level has a requirement for security and counter terrorism training that is proportionate to the job role and enhanced incident planning requirements  at the higher levels.

There is no requirement for existing qualified staff to fully retrain and take the new qualifications, there is however an expectation that holders of the NVQ Level 4 in Spectator Safety do upskill to the new qualification as part of their own CPD. The SGSA is working with the awarding organisations to develop smaller units to upskill staff at each level.

Although developed primarily for the sports and spectator events sector the qualifications are very suitable for any person working at events where members of the public will be in attendance such as theme parks, entertainment venues, museums and similar spaces.

The qualifications and standards have been developed with significant input from industry. The SGSA has worked closely with awarding organisations to develop common qualifications and create a simple qualification landscape so that employers, employees and regulators are not confused with multiple variants.