Model safety certificate

A safety certificate will set the permitted capacity for the sports ground together with the detailed terms and conditions with which the ground management must comply in order to operate the sports ground at its permitted capacity.

The local authority is responsible for agreeing the safe capacity of the sports ground and for determining what terms and conditions should be included in the safety certificate. These should reflect the particular circumstances of the ground concerned and any operations manual and pay due regard to the detailed advice in the Green Guide.

Where a prescriptive certificate is in place, the terms and conditions should be included in detail in the certificate.

Where a risk based safety certificate is in place, the certificate will include a general condition requiring an operations manual which contains details of the mitigating actions for the risks identified. A risk based certificate may also contain terms and conditions dealing with specific arrangement required to ensure safety at the ground.

The Guide to Safety Certification provides further detail on this.

SGSA Risk-Based Safety Certificate Template (May 2023) (Word)