What are the alternatives to level 2 NVQ in spectator safety?

In order for a qualification to be an acceptable alternative it must cover all of the National Occupational Standards for Spectator Safety, include an assessment of occupational competence by a qualified assessor and be issued by an awarding organisation regulated by Ofqual.

At a sports ground where a general safety certificate has been issued, the sports ground management will need to satisfy the certifying authority that a different qualification is an acceptable alternative.

Taking each of the requirements in turn:

A. Does it cover all of the National Occupational Standards for Spectator Safety?

Any employer seeking to demonstrate that another qualification or combination of qualifications is an acceptable alternative will need to undertake a mapping exercise which shows that the alternative(s) cover all of the National Occupational Standards for Spectator Safety.

B. Does it include an assessment of occupational competence by a qualified assessor?

The qualification should include an assessment of occupational competence. This means a qualified assessor must observe the steward undertaking stewarding duties and confirm they meet the required standard.

A qualified assessor is someone who meets the assessor requirements of the awarding body for that qualification.

The qualified assessor does not need to be external to the employer. Before awarding a qualification, the awarding body will normally ensure an external verifier has verified the training and assessment process which has been undertaken.

C. Is it issued by an award body regulated by Ofqual?

A list of the qualifications and awarding bodies regulated by Ofqual can be found here.

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I’m a new Safety Officer, what do I need to know?

As a Safety Officer, you will need to be aware that the primary purpose of a safety certificate is to set the safe capacity of a designated ground or of a regulated stand at a non–designated ground.


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Can I hire Stewards whilst they are still training?

Yes. If they have undertaken all aspects of relevant familiarisation and induction training they may start work accompanied by a qualified steward.