Support for Local Authorities – Policies and Procedures

Setting out the policies and procedures a local authority will follow in discharging its responsibilities under the Safety of Sports Grounds Act 1975 (1975 Act) and/or the Fire Safety and Safety of Places of Sport 1987 Act (1987 Act) not only demonstrates that the authority owns and understands the key issues involved, but also provides the authority with the opportunity to set out its objectives and the roles of individual staff in delivering those objectives.

It provides for greater consistency and efficiency when staff or organisational changes result in responsibility for sports grounds safety being taken on by new staff, as well as ensuring that those delivering the service are aware of the performance standards.

To assist local authorities develop appropriate policies and procedures, or to review existing ones, the SGSA has produced guidance which explains what should be included in an authority’s policies and procedures for the issue and review of a safety certificate, for the monitoring of compliance with the terms and conditions of a safety certificate and for the enforcement of the 1975 and 1987 Acts.

Developing policies and procedures

Check the regulations

Which parts of a ground should be covered by a Safety Certificate?

The terms and conditions of the safety certificate should cover all areas to which the spectators have access, including restaurants, licensed bars, and concourses.

About Designated Grounds

Details about what a designated ground is.

I’m a new Safety Officer, what do I need to know?

As a Safety Officer, you will need to be aware that the primary purpose of a safety certificate is to set the safe capacity of a designated ground or of a regulated stand at a non–designated ground.

What is a Safety Certificate?

Details about what a safety certificate is.

Licences issued by SGSA

Information about the licences issued by SGSA

Legislation related to Policing

Information from legislation relating to policing in sports grounds.

Monitoring Local Authorities

Details of how the SGSA monitors local authorities.

All Seated Football Stadia

Background information on all seated football stadiums.

What is a Regulated Stand?

A regulated stand is any covered stand with accommodation for 500 or more spectators, whether seated or standing.


Council of Europe Convention Signed

Five top messages from the Green Guide Briefings

The five top messages from our Green Guide briefings

Safety Certification Guidance Updated

Updated safety certification guidance for local authorities released.

Reflections on security at future major events

Ken Scott blogs about his reflections on security at future major events.

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Tools and resources


Information on the requirements of terracing at sports grounds.

Which Events At A Sports Ground Should Be Covered By The Provisions Of A Safety Certificate?

Details of the events at a sports ground covered by provisions of a safety certificate.

License To Admit Spectators (National League)

Information for conference clubs on the license needed when promoted to the Football League.

Guide to Safety Certification

The Guide to Safety Certification is intended to assist local authorities to identify, apply and enforce the terms and conditions that it prescribes in the safety certificate.

Model Safety Certificate

Download a model safety certificate.

Preventing Crowd Disorder and Anti-Social Behaviour

Guidance on preventing crowd disorder and anti-social behaviour at sports grounds.

Responses to the consultation on a Wider Definition of Safety

Responses to the SGSA consultation on the implications of a review of the term ‘safety’ in the Safety of Sports Grounds Act 1975.

Counter terrorism advice for sports grounds

Advice for sports grounds and event organisers to help with any review or planning you might be undertaking.


Safety Certificate Checklist

A checklist local authorities may wish to consider when checking their safety certificate for possible changes.

Local Authority Checklist

A checklist that certifying authorities may wish to consider to check their progress in ensuring that the wider understanding of safety has been adopted by sports grounds to whom they issue safety certificates.

Operations Manual

Details of what should be included in the operations manual of a sports ground.

About the SGSA licence

Safety Certification (National League)

Guidance on safety certification for conference clubs.

Capacity Calculations (National League)

P and S Factors

Guidance on the P and S factors specifically.

Statement of Intent

Details in relation to the Statement of Intent

Cladding safety checks

This guidance is for those sports grounds that are reviewing their fire risk assessments with specific reference to external cladding.

Safety for all at sports grounds

This guidance note describes the interactions between the different legislation in this area and the impacts on the safety management of a sports ground thereby protecting all those present, including spectators, staff, contractors and participants.