Fire Risk Assessment Forms

The National Fire Chiefs Council (NFCC) has recently updated some documentation that may be of use to sports grounds including those grounds with safety certificates but particularly temporary sports grounds used for irregular events .

The NFCC has produced fire risk assessment forms that may be used by catering concession operators, trade or market stalls such as merchandise units, temporary structures notably for larger marquee type structures and temporary hospitality boxes. There is also a useful checklist for small event operators .

The documentation will if undertaken and completed by a competent person meets the requirements of the regulatory form (fire safety) order to develop a fire risk assessment . 

All sports grounds that may increase catering provision or merchandising opportunities should Revise any fire risk assessment to take account of additional infrastructure overlay or increased fire load.

Sports grounds  that permit external third-party catering operators on their premises should ensure the catering operator provides a suitable and sufficient fire risk assessment, that the event management plans and contingency plans are revised to take account of the overlay and any additional hazards and risks particularly associated with LPG or local power generation and distribution. 

Event Organiser’s Checklist

Food Concessions Fire Risk Assessment

Temporary Structures Fire Risk Assessment

Traders Fire Risk Assessment