Events and attractions guidance

On 14 July the Government issued events and attractions guidance on managing COVID-19 risks in Step 4, targeted at venue operators in a range of settings including sports grounds.

The guidance supports venue operators’ existing legal obligations relating to health and safety, entertainment licensing and regulations, employment and equality duties. The document contains non-statutory guidance to take into account when complying with these existing obligations, to ensure venues are operating safely (for example spectators in a sports grounds) by reducing the risk of COVID-19 transmission.

This is the main guidance currently available to venue operators in the sports ground sector (although other guidance is available for grassroots sport and elite sports operations).

The guidance strongly encourages venue operators to take six priority actions:

  1. Complete a health and safety risk assessment that includes risks from COVID-19, and provides guidance on how to complete one including a template to use
  2. Turn away people with COVID-19 symptoms
  3. Provide adequate ventilation
  4. Clean more often
  5. Enable people to check in at the venue to support NHS Test and Trace
  6. Keep all your workers, contractors and consumers updated on safety measures in place through effective and targeted communications