Consultation submissions

The SGSA has responded to a number of inquiries on safety related matters, with written submissions including the below.

DCMS Select Committee Inquiry – Women’s Sport

The submission provides responses to questions c and e of the Committee’s Inquiry questions:

  1. How can the growth in domestic women’s football be accelerated?
  2. What should other sports be learning from the growth of women’s football leagues in the UK?
  3. What is needed for women’s sporting organisations to grow audiences and revenues?
  4. What action is needed to tackle sexism and misogyny in sport?
  5. What needs to change at a regulatory level to facilitate more parity between men’s and women’s sport?

Read the full submission: Women’s Sport – Written Submission (PDF)

Future of Women’s Football Review

We strongly support the growth of women’s football, and will work with the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS), the Football Association (FA) and others to ensure it fully benefits from the improvements made to the safety of the men’s game in recent decades.

Read the full submission: SGSA Review of Women’s Football Written Submission (PDF)

DCMS Select Committee Major Sporting Events Inquiry

The submission outlines SGSA’s role and answers the three questions being considered by the Committee:

a. Are UK stadiums and crowd management policies sufficient to maintain the safety of large volumes of fans at major events?
b. What steps can be taken to protect UK fans abroad at major events?
c. Should regulations governing fans attending football matches be reviewed?

Read the full submission: Safety at Major Sporting Events -Written Submission (PDF)