Assessment strategy for spectator safety qualifications during COVID-19

The Level 2 and 3 Certificates and Level 4 Diploma in spectator safety are competency-based qualifications.

The Sports Grounds Safety Authority (SGSA) has identified in the tables within the document below the safety critical elements that learners must be able to demonstrate competency during live events. All other elements may be assessed by alternative methods. Such measures may include filmed or recorded professional discussions, written portfolio evidence and written responses to scenarios.

The SGSA does not wish to be prescriptive in the methods an awarding organisation may wish to use. Such measures are only to be used during the current period where the suspension of live events with spectators due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic limits the opportunity to undertake competence assessment opportunities.

The SGSA would accept that a single assessment at a live event is sufficient in the current circumstances, supported by other forms of assessments. This exceptional assessment strategy used during the period of lockdown for live sport should be suspended upon the return to live sport with spectators.


This strategy will be reviewed again in  January 2021, mindful of the Government’s announcement of 22 September 2020 that the planned return of live sport with spectators is being kept under review. In the event live events with spectators have not returned by that time, it will be necessary to review and identify how best to undertake assessments. Such a review in January 2021 will also provide an opportunity to ensure the assessment strategy reflects the introduction of the new vocational training qualifications in spectator safety.

Assessment strategy for spectator safety vocational training qualifications during COVID-19 – Oct 2020