Academic Forum

The SGSA has established an Academic Forum to support our commitment to developing research to inform our decision-making.

The Forum brings together academics and partners with an interest in safety at sports grounds to discuss issues of common concern.  Meetings are held twice each year with a specific issue covered at each session.  Terms of reference for the group outline its remit.

Panel membership

Panel membership is open to any academic or researcher working on such issues. For further details, please contact the SGSA.

In addition to the group, the SGSA engages with individual panel members as appropriate if issues arise which would benefit from their specific knowledge and interest.

Panel meetings

Meeting 3: Fan engagement

The group met on 21 October 2020 and discussed the following issues:

  1. Overview of Sports Technology and Innovation Group (STIG) in relation to fan engagement
  2. Presentation of Research by Dr Anne Templeton on fan attitudes toward attendance at sporting events during pandemic

Meeting 2: Accessibility

The group met on 14 April 2020 and discussed the following issues:

  1. Overview of the Accessible Stadia guidance and summary of discussions to date with Level Playing Field and other stakeholder in relation to re-write
  2. Academic overview of current active research topics on accessibility
  3. Roundtable discussion on primary research needs around (1) analysis of LPF data and (2) accessibility needs for fans suffering with mental health and neurodiverse conditions

Meeting 1: Changing nature of spectator behaviour

The group met on 14 September 2019 and discussed the following issues:

  1. Introducing the Academic Forum
  2. Changing nature of spectator behaviour research paper developed

The minutes of the meeting outline the full discussions.