Developing Policies and Procedures

Setting out the policies and procedures a local authority will follow in discharging its responsibilities under the Safety of Sports Grounds Act 1975 (1975 Act) and/or the Fire Safety and Safety of Places of Sport 1987 Act (1987 Act) not only demonstrates that the authority owns and understands the key issues involved, but also provides the authority with the opportunity to set out its objectives and the roles of individual staff in delivering those objectives.

It provides for greater consistency and efficiency when staff or organisational changes result in responsibility for sports grounds safety being taken on by new staff, as well as ensuring that those delivering the service are aware of the performance standards.

To assist local authorities develop appropriate policies and procedures, or to review existing ones, the SGSA has produced guidance which explains what should be included in an authority’s policies and procedures for the issue and review of a safety certificate, for the monitoring of compliance with the terms and conditions of a safety certificate and for the enforcement of the 1975 and 1987 Acts. The guidance also includes examples of policies and procedures and can be accessed using the links below.

Developing Policies and Procedurespdf (316kb) 

Developing Policies and Procedures - word (313kb)