UK Threat Level Reduced to SEVERE

On Sunday 17th September 2017 the Joint Terrorism Analysis Centre (JTAC) lowered the UK threat level from international terrorism from CRITICAL to SEVERE.

A threat level of SEVERE means that an attack is highly likely.

Crowded places remain a potential target for terrorist activity. The SGSA’s advice is for sports grounds to remain vigilant and continue to review current safety and protective security measures and contingency plans.

The SGSA has issued the following guidance documents which may be useful for sports grounds:

Planning for Increased Threat Levels 

Planning for Dynamic Lockdown

Planning for Moving People in an Emergency Terrorist Threat Situation 

These guidance notes have been developed by the SGSA in partnership with National Counter Terrorism Security Office (NaCTSO). They provide more specific guidance for sports grounds’ management in relation to protecting their ground against the risks of terrorism.

The SGSA advises safety managers at sports grounds to review this guidance and consider whether any of the measures suggested are appropriate for their ground. In addition, safety managers who hosted an event this weekend may wish to review any lessons learned from the steps taken at their ground when the threat level was raised to CRITICAL on Friday.

Sports grounds are advised to develop an escalation plan for safety and protective security measures for use should the threat level change again in the future, or to review the escalation plans already in place.

It is advisable to continue to refer to the NaCTSO website for the latest protective security advice

We continue to liaise with the Government, NaCTSO, the UK Football Policing Unit, the football bodies, sport governing bodies and other parties to ensure the safety of spectators at sports grounds remains a priority.