Project Griffin: Protect Yourself, Your Staff, Your Business and Your Community

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Project Griffin counter terrorism awareness training

Since May 2016 businesses and organisations have been able to register with NaCTSO to deliver Project Griffin counter terrorism awareness training to all employees. The primary objective of ‘Industry Self-Delivery’ is to encourage organisations to deliver Project Griffin to their own staff and, that delivery must be free of any charges.

The modular training package can be tailored to suit the demands of the organisation and for specific departments.  The modules are:

  • Introduction to Counter Terrorism
  • Current threat
  • Identifying and Responding to Suspicious Behaviour
  • Identifying and Dealing with Bombs (IED) and Suspicious Items
  • Bomb Threats
  • Response to a Firearms or weapons attacks
  • Document Awareness
  • Drones - unmanned aircraft systems (UAS)

For an organisation to qualify for industry self-delivery, they must:

  1. Have an existing corporate training structure using accredited trainers
  2. Operate in the ‘Crowded Place’ environment
  3. Deliver all or any part of the NaCTSO Project Griffin product free of charge
  4. Sign a formal contract agreeing to abide by NaCTSO (MPS) Crown Copyright terms & conditions of use


Details of the registration process can be found at

It is recommended that all sports clubs, sports grounds, sports centres, governing bodies and event organisers ensure all staff have received counter terrorism awareness training as part of uplifting the security posture of the organisation. This will assist the staff not only in their work but could also be significant in their personal and social lives.