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“83% of disabled people had ‘walked away’ from making a purchase, unable or unwilling to do so. The most important factor was inaccessible premises. Other important factors that discouraged disabled consumers from spending were poorly designed products and staff who were not disability confident, were rude or appeared prejudiced”. Disability Rights UK

Getting to a match is not easy, Even if you’ve been there before. There will be masses of people. That can be intimidating on its own. If you’ve never been to the stadium, or if you’ve got a disability, it could be enough to put you off trying.

  • Nationally 4 of out 5 young people cannot read maps
  • 65% of people are visual learners who absorb and recall information best by seeing

Working with Tottenham Hotspur FC & Foundation

Tottenham Hotspur FC recognised that we all have differing needs and wanted to make it easier for people to navigate round the stadium.

People inherently learn to navigate through landmarks. Normally when asking for or giving directions, we are more accustomed to statements like “go right at KFC” or “turn left past the station.” PhotoRoute shows the user which landmarks to keep an eye out for.

These maps guide people through journeys by adding visual landmarks from the walker’s perspective and supporting way-finding text to online maps.  They sew local knowledge into way-finding to highlight safe and step-free routes and local facilities.

Initially the Hotspur Foundation licensed PhotoRoute to help their Special Education Needs students to travel independently. Tottenham Hotspur FC saw the maps fitting with mainstream provision and commissioned PhotoRoute for match day experience maps.

We worked with the club’s supporter services for knowledge on how people access the stadium, local facilities and match day road closures. We created maps from nearby public transport and popup car parks to the stadium and internal maps to disabled seating areas. 26 maps were provided in total (including return journeys) following accessible step-free routes.

Jonathan Waite, Head of Supporter Services talks about the service Tottenham provide for supporters.

The Club is constantly looking at ways in which it can enhance the Tottenham Hotspur FC match day experience for fans. We believe that offering the PhotoRoute service will ease navigation in and around White Hart Lane for all supporters, especially those with disabilities.

By working closely with our award-winning Foundation, and liaising with the Tottenham Hotspur DSA and many other access experts, the Club is committed to addressing the requirements of our supporters and guests with access requirements and continue to ensure the fantastic match day experience is inclusive of all fans.”

So what is PhotoRoute?

The PhotoRoute website enables clients to provide match day experience maps to inspire visitor confidence when navigating large sports facilities and remove barriers to independent travel.

PhotoRoute maps give people confidence to travel when planning outings, supporting them along journeys in mobile friendly formats or print. The maps can be updated anytime or embedded into your website and have integrated audio way-finding for people who are visually impaired or prefer to listen to routes, enhancing safety and visitor experience of multi-use venues with differing layouts.

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Our first PhotoRoute mapping project won a Visit London Gold award with the Greater London Authority, and was used for 2 London 2012 Paralympic projects. Tottenham Hotspur FC were the first football club to use PhotoRoute for match day experience for all home and away fans.