Steward Training

Since the fifth edition of the Guide to Safety at Sports Grounds (the Green Guide) was written in 2008, the qualifications sector has changed significantly. As a result, we believe the SGSA should provide some clarity on the application of section 4.8 of the Green Guide which covers steward training.

All stewards working at a sports ground where a general safety certificate has been issued should be trained, assessed for occupational competence and have obtained a qualification within 12 months of starting work as an unaccompanied steward.

This qualification should be a Level 2 NVQ in Spectator Safety or an acceptable alternative. In order for an alternative to be acceptable it must cover all of the units in the National Occupational Standards for Spectator Safety, include an assessment of occupational competence by a qualified assessor and be issued by an awarding organisation regulated by Ofqual. This requirement applies equally to stewards employed directly or working through an agency. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the National Occupational Standards for Spectator Safety?

How do I determine if a qualification is an acceptable alternative to the Level 2 NVQ in Spectator Safety?

If a steward is in the process of undertaking their training, assessment and qualification are they allowed to work in a sports ground?

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