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Strategic Management

Board Meetings

Strategic Plan

The strategic plan sets out what the Sports Grounds Safety Authority will do to deliver our goals and priorities over the years 2016-2021.      

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Annual Business Plan - We are currently in the process of developing our latest business plan and this section of the website will be updated once that process has been completed.

Annual Report: 2015

Funding Agreement - We are currently in the process of negotiating a new funding agreement and will update this section of the website once that agreement has beeen reached.

Management Statement - We are currently in the process of developing a new management statement and this section of the website will be updated once that process has been completed.

Internal and External Performance Reviews

The Hampton Review
On 19th March 2010 the Hampton Review Team published its review of the SGSA’s (then known as the FLA) regulatory role and relationships with its stakeholders.
We welcome:

  • the recognition of our positive achievements;
  • the constructive suggestions for our future development; and
  • the emphasis on the importance of the proposed extension to our remit.

We have already established a working group to consider the Team’s recommendations and, where appropriate, to review our procedures.

Click here to read the report

Reports to Parliament.

Our most current Annual Report.

Inspection reports where NDPB is subject to formal inspection.

The are currently no reports of this nature.

Service Standards

If you are unhappy about the standard of service you have received from the SGSA then we want you to tell us about it so that we can put things right. We are also keen to hear positive comments you may have about the SGSA and our work

If you are dissatisfied with the response you receive then you can also ask for the complaint to be reviewed by a senior official within the organisation.

We will not reply to rude or abusive emails, calls or letters. 

  • We aim to answer all letters within 20 working days of receipt. We aim to answer all the points raised in correspondence, be accurate and use plain English. If it is not possible to reply within 20 working days, we shall send you an interim reply explaining the delay, answering any points we can, and advising when you can expect to receive a full reply.
  • We will see visitors with fixed appointments no later than 10 minutes after the appointment time and we will give an explanation for any delay.
  • All telephone calls will be answered within eight rings. Where an answerphone is used we will return your call within one working day.
  • Our Public Engagement and Recognition Unit staff will be courteous and helpful. They will identify themselves when requested to do so. Should the team be unable to resolve your enquiry, we will endeavor to put you in touch with somebody who can.
  • Complaints will be dealt with according to the procedures specified below.
  • We will do everything reasonably possible to make our services available to all.

Statistics produced in accordance with the NDPB's requirements

The SGSA annually collates and publishes a summary of reported injuries at football grounds in England and Wales. Data is requested from all Premier League and Football League clubs plus Wembley and the Millennium Stadium and includes all competitive league and cup games..

Click Here to view the summary

Public Service Agreements

The SGSA has no public service agreements.