Case Study - Romania

An image of the National Arena in Romania

In November 2012 the SGSA were invited to take part in a consultative visit to Romania with the Council of Europe. 

The visit was to advise on safety, security and the legal process and to inspect the football facilities and make recommendations to promote good practice.

The team met with large panels of key stakeholders in Bucharest including the Government and authorities in charge of Sport, the Gendarmerie, the Football Federation, the Professional Football League, Steaua and Dinamo club representatives, supporters, etc.

During the stay inspections took place at 2 matches in the National Arena in Bucharest and in the Ilie Oană stadium in Ploieşti, together with a visit of the Dinamo stadium in Bucharest.

The SGSA had first visited Bucharest in 1999 and it was noticed that there had been significant improvements in the country’s stadiums since then with many stadiums being rebuilt  The National Stadium hosted a Europa League Final in 2012 between Atlético Madrid and Athletic Bilbao.

Following the visit, the SGSA compiled a comprehensive report recommending areas for improvement around safety and security services and a multi agency approach to safety management.  The report also identified the major steps taken by the authorities in upgrading stadia and changing laws to assist in crowd management.

The report highlighted where Romania could set standards and make legislative changes to ensure that stadium provision is in line with good practice throughout Europe.  This should lead to Romania hosting future major tournaments.