Case Studies

An image of the London 2012 Olympic Games Opening Ceremony

In 2011 when the Football Licensing Authority became the Sports Grounds Safety Authority, the Government set in legislation the ability for the Authority to provide advice to sports other than football and to work overseas.

Since then, the SGSA has been using its skills and experience to assist a number of sports in the UK and abroad to promote the safety of spectators. At home we have forged a productive partnership with the England and Wales Cricket Board which has taken a proactive stance in relation to safety at its venues. 

We have recently undertaken stadium inspections and organised conferences in Europe and South America and have previously worked throughout the world, including Africa and the Middle East.

We played a pivotal role in ensuring spectator safety and enjoyment at the London 2012 Olympics and have developed strong relationships with other sports. To illustrate exactly what we have done and what we could do for the other sports in the future, we have developed a number of case studies which can be found by using the menu on the right, or byu following the links below;

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