Board Meeting 8 - March 2013

Minutes of the seventh meeting of the Sports Grounds Safety Authority held on 12 March 2013 in Fleetbank House

Mr P Darling Chairman
Mr B Batson
Dr P Lane
Mr P Rowley
Mr R Wilkie
Mr D Wilson
Ms R Shaw   Chief Executive

In attendance:
Mr K Sears
Mrs N Rutherford

1 Minutes of the previous meeting 

1.1 The minutes were agreed and signed by the Chairman.

2 Matters arising

2.1 No items were raised.

3 Chief Executive’s Reports SGSA(13)2&3

3.1 The Board welcomed the fact that the SGSA had been invited to participate in the FA Crowd Management Group and the International Football Co-ordination group. This was seen as a positive step and the Board hoped that further opportunities would present themselves for our involvement.

3.2 The Board noted the results of the recent self assessment by local authorities.

3.3 Barnet FC was proposing to move to a new stadium for the start of the next season following permission from the Football League to relocate. The new stadium had two existing standing terraces and it was unclear if they would not meet the required standard for a SGSA licence and further clarification had been sought. The Board felt that the club should be informed that they should not expect the SGSA to waive statutory requirements to meet their needs. A period of dispensation was only usually granted to a new club promoted into the Football League for the first time. Barnet FC had been in the Football league for 8 years and were required to meet the standard requirements. The Board would be kept informed of developments.

3.4 At the November meeting, the Board agreed to recommend that the Secretary of State agree an extension of the all seater deadline to Peterborough Utd until the completion of the Moys End Terrace or the end of 2013, whichever was sooner.. This had been granted. The club had hoped for an extension to the end of the 2013/14 season and were now considering applying for a further period of dispensation. The Board were not minded to consider such a request at this stage and stressed that any consideration for a further extension to the deadline would require the club to submit a proper and detailed case at the appropriate time.

3.5 The Board accepted the Risk and Audit committee’s recommendation to engage the services of PKF (our internal auditors) for a further year.

3.6 The Chairman thanked and congratulated those involved in producing the new website and newsletter. Both were seen as an excellent way to spread our positive message.

4 Financial statement at 1st March and proposed budget 2013/14 (SGSA(13)04)

4.1 The Board noted the likely expenditure for 2012/2013 and the proposed budget for the coming financial year.

5 Business Plan (SGSA(13)05)

5.1 In January the Board agreed to a zero-based approach to business planning and a draft plan was tabled for the Board to consider. The Board welcomed the approach and considered a similar approach in terms of mapping Board activity may be helpful. . The Board approved the document.

6 Future of SGSA

6.1 The Board sought an update from the Chairman on his letter of 8 January to the Sports Minister about the future of the SGSA. There had been no formal response as yet due to ongoing discussions between DCMS and the Cabinet Office. The Board also noted its view that the SGSA was an important part of the Hillsborough legacy and as such the essential functions and expertise of the SGSA should be safeguarded in whatever decisions were taken.

6.2 It was suggested that the Chairman should write to Lord Justice Goldring offering our assistance in any way should it be required.

7 Any other business

7.1 No items were raised.

8 Date of the next meeting

8.1 There would be no Board meeting in April but the Chairman proposed the possibility of using Tuesday 9 April for a telephone conference should anything urgent arise between now and then.

The next full meeting would be Tuesday 14 May at 11am at a venue to be agreed. .

SGSA Secretariat March 2013